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Different types of massmedia

Different types of massmedia

the main types of massmedia are four : TV, newspapers, radio stations and Internet

TV : no doubt that the TV is the most spread massmedia and has the biggest influence
people are offerd an unreal world with adventure, romance, luck or whatever and when they can’t have it, they at least watch it

news : people get the information without effort, the reporters are witty and nice and they can see pictures and videos from several places;

newspapers : there are several types of newspapers from the serious ones (broadsheets) to the shocking ones (tabloids) so all people can choose ther cup of tea
the advantage of newspaper is that they have permanent group of readers so they can full their pages with information that would be in TV for many people boring > the depth of information

radio stations : most widely spread are music radio stations, but some have very serious news with analysis or some interviews > everybody can choose his favourite station

Internet : is developing with unbeliavable speed, people can do shopping through it, booking tickets, ordering, studying ...
the vast amount of information can’t influence someone’s opinion because he chooses what he wants to know
the problem is that the information are not limited or controled so even small children can see what they aren’t allowed to

CR : 2 channels public TV - serious information, programs of all interests, documents
2 channels commercial TV - shocking news, action movies, soap operas, sitcoms, cheap series
radio stations - music, foreign st. - BBC
newspapers - both types, tabloids (Blesk, Hrom, Vecerni Praha) are more expensive, aimed to people with lower education; broadsheets (Dnes, Lidove noviny) have political informations, deeper, analysis

Newspapers in UK/USA

Tabloids Broadsheets
Articles : Are shocking, emotional, aimed Serious inf., national news, world news,
on people, celebrites, disasters, sports background inf., in-depth features

Composition : Short, easy to understand, huge headlines, Long, elaborate, difficult words, complex and plays on words, quotations, exclamations interesting articles

Photos : Many, often colour, especially people 2-3 on every page, places and people, black
and white

Cost : 25p 35p.

Size : 40 cm /28 cm 60 cm / 40 cm

Circulation : 13 million in UK 3 million in UK

Titles : The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily The Guardian, The Times, The Independent,
Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Daily The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times
Express and Today

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