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14, History of the United Kingdom

14, History of the United Kingdom

In 43 AD – Britain was added to roman Empire.
In the 5 th century – the tribes of Angles, Saxons´ and Jutes came from Scandinavien islands.
Till the 11 th century – Britain was a part of the Scandinavian Empire.
In 1066 – the battle of Hastings (William Conqeror – Dobyvatel defeated the Saxon king Harold).
Hundred Years´ War (1338 – 1445) – England wanted large part of France but was defeated.
2 nd half of the 15 th century – War of Roses (the House of Lancaster – their emblem was white rose against House of York – their emblem was red rose).
In 1603 – Scotland was united with England.
2 nd half of the 17 th century – Civil War – a struggle between the Parliament and the Stuart kings; Oliver Cromwell estabilished the Republic.
In 1660 – the monarchy was restored.
18 th – 19 th century – Industrial Revolution – Britain became the leading world power; during the reign of Queen Victoria England obtained large areas in Africa and Asia.
Durinf the WW I. and II. – Britain suffered great economic loss and lost it´s leading position (was replaced by the USA).

Účelový infinitiv ( Infinitive of Purpose)

☺ slouží ke zkracování účelového souvětí se stejnými podměty
☺ může být uvozen spojkou „SO THAT“ nebo „IN ORDER THAT“
I got up early (so that) to catch the bus.

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