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25, Problems of the Present World

25, Problems of the Present World

a) social
b) ecological

1, discrimination – because of race, gender and religion
2, illiteracy – especially in Africa and in developing countries
3, hunger - especially in Africa and in developing countries
4, human rights – e.g. islamic countries – problems with women´s rights
5, diseases – AIDS, TB, cancer...
6, drugs – which threaten especially young people
7, international terorism – acts are realized by people who believe that they defend their
religion (September 2001 – WTC)

☺ are connected with high level of technology – air pollution, water pllution
1, natural disasters – huricans, tornados, floods (it´s caused be weather changes), earthquake
2, global warmin – becames huge problem
3, ozon layer
4, greenhouse effect
5, rain forests

Účelové věty s nestejným podmětem

spojky: so that, in order that

1, hlavní věta v přítomném čase – can, may
I´m telling you it now so that you can think it over.
2, hlavní věta v minulém čase – could, might
He came to help us so that we could finish it in time.
3, záporné větě v minulosti – should
They came soon so that we shouldn´t wait.

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