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2, My Plans for future


☺ to find a good partner for life
☺ to have family, children
☺ to build a house with garden
☺ to travel as much as possible
☺ to have enough time for friends and hobbies

My opinion is that the most important for my future is have a loving family with 2 or 3 children.
I want to have a nice house with big garde nand swimming pool for my children.
Very important for me is have a good work and be successful in my field.
I want to travel as much as possible too because I love getting to know new culture and place. Every country has something groove what be worth to see it.
And of course I want to have a good friends in my future because without friends it won´t do.


☺ the first and the most important –to pass school-leaving exams
☺ to continue studies at the university
☺ to find a good and well-paid job
☺ to improve language knowledge, to knot more foreign language because now it´s very important
☺ to become skilled and sucessful at work

Modal Verbs

☺ v každé osobě stejný tvar

Sloveso Přítomný čas Opisný infinitiv Přít. čas Min. čas Bud. čas
CAN (moci) I cannot, can´t to be able to I am (not) able to I was able to I will be able to
MUST(muset) I need not, needn´t to have to I have to (I don´t have to) I had to I will have to
MAY (smět) I must not, mustn´t to be allowed to I am (not) allowed to I was allowed to I will be allowed to

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