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5, Holidays and Travelling

Time when we need not to go to school or work.
People have various ideas about their holidays – to go to the seaside, swim and sunbathe, to visit foreign countries and go sightseeing, to go to the cottage and work in the garden, to stay at home and simply relax, to practise sports and hobbies …
Usually conected with summer – pupils and students have 2 month holidays.
But also during school year – Christmas, winter and spring holidays – people usually go to the mountains and practise winter sports – down-hill and cross-country skiing, sledging, snowboarding, skating…

Means of transport:
1, bus – quite chlap but not very comfortable, especially for long distances
2, train – more comfortable but more expensive
3, plane – the fastest and the most comfortable way of travelling
4, car – has many adventiges: you can direct your journey – to stop when and where you
want, to have a rest where you need

A lot of various types: hotels, motels, botels, caravans, tents, boarding houses, cottage, bungallows, private accomodation.

Travel documents
When you travel abroad: passport, valid visa (if it necessary), vaccination card – especially for ecotic countries, international driving licence, travel insurance

Journey, trips
1, private
2, organized by a travel agency – it arranges for you everything

Future – Budoucí čas

☺ konstatuje budoucí čas
☺ „shall“ v 1.osobě a „will“ v celém časování – infinitiv bez „to“
I shall/will do it. – You will do it.
☺ „shall“ v 2.a 3.osobě = máš
You shall do it. – Máš to udělat.
☺ „will“ v 2.osobě v otázce = zdvořilá žádost
Will you bring the book? – Přines prosím tu knihu.

☺ děj bude probíhat od-do nebo po nějakou dobu nebo v určitý okamžik
☺ shall/will be + ing
I will be watching TV all evening.

a) „going to“ – úmysl – I am gong to buy a new car.
- děj určitě nastane – It is going to rain.
b) přítomný čas průběhový – blízká budoucnost – He is leaving tonight.

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