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6, The Czech Republic

6, The Czech Republic

Consists of 3 parts: Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia.
Borders with Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria.

Area: about 800 000 square km

Population: more than 10 millions inhabitants

Capital city: Prague (more than 1 million people)

Other big cities: Brno, Plzeň, Ostrava...
Major nationalities are the Czech and the Moriavians.

Menority groups: the Slovaks, the Poles, the Roms, the Ukrainians, the Russias...
The highest mountain is Sněžka (in the Giant mountains).
Bohemia and Moravia are quite rich in mineral springs – there is lot of spas (Františkovi
Lázně, Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně) – many tourists from all over the
world visit them every year.

Political system: republic, the head of the state is President, Parliament (the Senate and the
House of Representatives), head of goverment is Prime Minister.

Main political parties: Civic Democratic Party and Social Democratic Party.

Economy: main part of industry – engineering (cars, tractors, agricultural machines), glass
industry (cut glass as well as china), chemical industry, main products of
agriculture are wheat, fruit, hips (famous Czech beer)

Culture: a long cultural tradition – music (Smetana, Dvořák), literature (J. Seifert – Nobel
Prize Winner), film (Forman, Svěrák – Oscar Winners).

Festivals: Prague Spring, Golden Prague, International Film Festival in Karl´s Bad

Sport: hockey, football, javeline throw, shooting...

A member state of the European Union (we came in in May 2004).
The temperature difference between summers and winters is relatively high (hot summers and
cold, cloudy winters, usually with snow).

Question Tags – Tázací dovětky

☺ je-li výchozí věta kladná, dovětek je záporný a naopak:
1, He´s at home, insn´t he ?
2, He insn´t at home, is he ?
Příklady: He has got much work, hasn´t he ?
They will come, won´t they ?
She must do it, mustn´t she ?
Významové sloveso “to do” – He lives in Prague, doesn´t he ?
They came in time, didn´t they ?
She doesn´t know him, does she ?
I am late, aren´t I ?

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