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9, Invitation to the Czech Republic

9, Invitation to the Czech Republic

Many various types of restaurants:
1, luxury restaurants
2, pubs
3, alehouses (pivnice)
4, wine-rooms and wine-cellars
5, tea-rooms, cafés
6, pizzerias
7, cafeterias
8, fast – foods

A typical Czech restaurant: offers pork, cabbage and dumplings with beer; beef sirloine with cream sauce and dumplings, wiener schnitzel with potatoe salad etc.
National restaurants – offer national cuisines, very popular in our days is e.g. Chinese, Italián, Greek, Indian etc.
Fast-foods – McDonald´s – they offer many types of burger e.g. cheesburger, hamburger, chickenburger etc. , KFC, Burger King ….popular especially with zouny people
We can order melas – á lá carte
- according the daily Orfee
- according menu
We begin with warm or cold starter then soap follows (vegetable, chicken, potato, mushroom, cabbage…). Then we can order main course with side-dish and desert plus coffee.
Beverages: 1, non-alcoholic – mineral water, juice, soda…
2, alcoholic – beer, wine, spirits
When we come to a restaurant – a waiter show us our table and takes our orders, then he serves us. At the end we pay our bill including a tip.

Conditional – Podmiňovací způsob

should (v 1.osobě) / would (v celém časování) + infinitiv bez „to“
- I should/would go there. You would go there.
should v 2. a 3.osobě = „měl bys“
- You should go there. Měl bys tam jít.

should / would + minulý infinitiv bez „to“
- You would have gone there. = Býval bys tam šel.
- You should have gone there. = Býval bys tam měl jít.

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