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16, Holidays in the UK

16, Holidays in the UK

New Year´s celebration - big celebration, drink alcohol, meet with friends and relatives
14th February - St. Valentine - people in love send each other Valentine cards and small gifts
Easter - we decorated eggs, Christains celebrate Christ´s death and his return to life (ressurection).
2nd Sunday in May - Mother´s Day - children give their mother small gifts or cards
In June – official celebrations of Queen´s birthday (she was born in April but because of bad spring weather it´s celebrated later).
31st of October - Halloween – the eve of all saints day, the night of fun and games, children wear funny or strange costumes, knock at neighbour´s doors, say „Trick or Treat“ and get some sweets or small money.
11th of November - Remembrance Day – those who were Miller in wars are remembered
25th December - Christmas Day (the main day) – in the morning children open their presents, at noon have family traditional dinner (roast turkey and Christmas pudding).
26 th December – Boxing Day – in the past people give thein servants gifts or money in boxes
New Year´s Eve - big celebration, drink alcohol...

Nepravidelná slovesa – Irregular Verbs

☺ slovesa, která netvoří minulý čas a trpné příčestí, ale mají své vlastní tvary
3 typy:
a) 3 různé tvary: write – wrote – written
b) 2 různé tvary: come – came – come
c) stejný tvar: put – put - put

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