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17, London

17, London

The capitol of the United Kingdom.
The 9 th largest city in the world – more than 12 million people („Great London“)
Situated on the river Thames in south-east England.
Originally it was a Roman Settlement (osada).
In the 19 th century it was the largest city in the world and the most important economic and political centre.
London has hosted the Summer Olympics twice, in 1908 and 1948. In July 2005 London was chosen to host the Games in 2012, which will make it the first city in the world to host the Summer Olympics three times.

Economic, political and culture centre of Great Britain
3 airports (Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world for international traffic)
The London underground is the oldest in the world ( it has 11 lines, is 418 km long) and most expansive metro system in the world, dating from 1863.


The most famous London churches – St. Paul´s Cathedral (barocue), and Westminster Cathedral (gothic).
A great number of parks in London – Hyde Park, St. James´ Park, Green Park.
Most famous shopping centres is Oxford Street and Picadilly Circus.

THE TOWER – was built in the 11th century, it was a royal palace, after prison and now it´s a
TOWER BRIDGE – one of the most famous symbols of London, it opens in the middle for
chips to go throw
THE BRITISH MUSEUM – the largest museum in the world
BUCKINGHAM PALACE – the residence of the Queen
THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT – neogothic style
WHITEHALL – the street with govermental offices
DOWNING STREET No. 10 – the official residence of the Prime Minister

Vazba předmětu s infinitivem

☺ po slovesech vyjadřující přání, rozkaz... – He ordered us to come.
☺ po slovesech smyslového vnímání (see, hear...) a let + make (ve významu přimět, přinutit), po nich se píše infinitiv bez „to“ – I saw him come. a He made us do it.

Vazba podmětu s infinitivem

☺ zejména po slovesech „seen“ a „appear“ – It seems that he is ill He seems to be ill.
☺ ve spojeních: it is said – říká se, it is known – ví se
He is said to be rich. a They are known to live in Prague.

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