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20. The car (Auto)

The outside of the car: windscreen, windscreen wiper, bonnet, roof, boot / trunk, wheel, tyre, bumper, door, door handle, door lock, headlight, turn signal light, rearview mirror / wing mirror, wing, window, windscreen wiper, sunroof, engine

The interior of the car: steering wheel, brake pedal, gear lever, gas pedal, handbrake lever, horn, clutch pedal, driver’s seat, passenger seat, rear seat, seat belt, airbag, heating controls, light switch, coolant temperature gauge, fuel gauge, odometer, windscreen wiper switch, cruise control, dashboard, speedometer

Other useful things:
jack lever, fuse, tow cable, first-aid box / kit, spare bulb, warning triangle,
spanner, plug spanner, screwdriver, pair of pliers, inflation pump

Kinds of fuel: oil, petrol, power gas, alternative fuels

Some famous …..
Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz: they both invented highly successful and practical gasoline-powered vehicles. They invented cars that looked and worked like the cars we use today.
Benz designed and built the word’s first practical automobile to be powered by an internal-combustion engine (1885). In 1891 he started a company that became the world’s largest manufacture of automobiles by 1900.

Daimler founded the Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft in 1890 to manufacture his design. Eleven years later, Wilhelm Maybach designed the Mercedes automobile.
Henry Ford, the American car manufacturer, invented and improved assembly line in his car factory. The assembly line reduced costs for cars by reducing assembly time. Ford’s famous Model T was assembled in ninety-three minutes. Ford for the first time started the mass production of cars, which has continued until now by millions of cars produced each year.

Nowadays …..

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