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6. Health, diseases (Zdraví, nemoci)

Good health is the most valuable thing in our life. To be fit it is necessary to do some active sport (at least once a week). We should eat a healthy diet - to consume lean meat ( poultry and fish), lots of fruits and vegetables, to prefer whole-wheat foods, to cut down sweets, fatty meals and foods rich in calories, to drink much mineral water and herbal tea. To be non-smoker and in a good mood is also very important.

In our climate zone there are two seasons, when we are in bigger risk of falling ill – spring and autumn. Most common diseases are flu and a cold. The symptoms of these diseases are: temperature, headache, sore throat and sometimes cough. Flu is different of cold by that we feel awful and our body aches, we can’t stop sneezing and our nose is runny. Another similar disease is tonsillitis when our glands are swollen and it hurts when we swallow. Typical summer disease is food poisoning and diarrhoea. Sometimes it happens that we eat some meat that is not properly cooked, for example at a barbecue, or bad mushrooms. Or we drink some bad water on our travel abroad. The symptoms of these diseases are: keeping going to the toilet and sometimes keeping being sick. Sometimes we have an accident (doing sports) when our leg or arm is broken, or our finger or ankle is twisted. We feel a pain in it. When we have toothache, we have to go to the dentist.

Having all these problems we have to see a doctor. First of all we phone the doctor’s surgery and make an appointment. Then we go to the surgery and see the doctor. He takes our temperature and examines us. He asks what hurts. We explain what is wrong and then the doctor gives us a prescription. We go to the chemist’s, pay for the prescription, and get some cure (pills or drops, antibiotics). At home we have to stay (lie) in bed and take the pills twice or three times a day. After a few days we start to feel better.

Human body:
heart – srdce
brain – mozek
lungs – plíce
stomach – žaludek
glands – mandle
liver – játra
kidneys – ledviny
colon – střevo
blood –krev
neck – krk
shoulder – rameno
arm - paže
leg – noha
ankle – kotník
knee – koleno
elbow – loket
writs – zápěstí
brain – mozek
backbone (spinal column) – páteř

sense organs: eyes, ears, nose, tongue

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