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21. Highway Code (Pravidla silničního provozu)

It is a set of rules for drivers, pedestrians and other users of roads (cyclists, motorcyclists, horseriders and others).

There are many traffic signs on every road. They may be divided into:
Warning (výstražné): crossroads, wild animals, bend, double bend – first to the left, road narrows on both sides, roundabout, traffic signs, pedestrians (chodci), railway, ……
Prohibitory (zákazové): no waiting (zákaz stání), no stopping (Clearway) (zákaz zastavení), no entry, no overtaking (zákaz předjíždění), no turn right / left, no motor vehicles, ……
Mandatory (příkazové): stop, give way (dej přednost) …..
Signs with blue circles but no red border mostly give positive instruction
There are many other road markings often used: pedestrians crossings, traffic lights, lines just on roads, ………………

The documents the driver must have are: valid Driving License, Vehicle Registration Document and Insurance Policy (pojištění)

Before setting off the driver has to check: fuel level, mirror (adjustment), pressure in tyres, good visibility (clean windscreen)

In his car the driver has to have: first aid kit, warning triangle, spare bulbs for headlamps, spare fuse (pojistka), spare wheel

It’s useful when he has: a tow rope, inflation pump, fire extinguisher and some tools

There are some differences from European Highway Code in Great Britain. GB, Australia, New Zealand and other several countries in the world drive on the left side of the road. So there can be some difficulties for European drivers. There can be some problems with passing (objíždění), turning and overtaking (předjíždění). But there is a possibility to buy and put on the rear window the sticker CONTINENTAL DRIVER.

There are also some rules for using switched headlamps: when it gets dark, at night, in daylight – when it’s low visibility (raining, snowing, fog).

National speed limit (GB): In urban /built up area – 30 miles / hour ( 48 km / hod)
Carriageway – 60 miles / hour (96 km / hod)
Double carriageway – 70 miles / hour (112 km / hod)

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