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10. Health and the human body

10. Health and the human body

Adjectives, comparison

Which parts does the human body consist of? List the important human organs.

What are the most frequent today´ s human illnesses? Do you know some of them, which are incurable? incurable=nevyléčitelný

Adjectives, comparison
Read the text and try to find adjectives:
Looking good
You want to look good, so here are our fashion tips:

Don't be in a hurry. Have a good look in the shops before you buy clothes. Compare prices / some shops are cheaper than others but they often have more fashionable clothes than expensive shops. Talk to your friends and ask their opinions. Then go shopping.

Think about your body and your personality. For example, for mini/skirt you need really good legs. And don't wear long jackets if you aren't very tall! Outgoing people don't usually wear dark clothes; they prefer brighter colours. Shy people often like darker colours.

This year red, black and green are in. And generally clothes are more casual and less formal than last year.

For boys, shirts and ties are out. Jeans, trainers and leather jackets are in. Jeans are wider than last year's jeans and black denim is definitely in. Earrings are bad, and tattoos are even worse!

Tell the rules about comparison of adjectives and give some examples.

Do you know any irregular adjectives?

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