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19. The Czech Republic

19. The Czech Republic

Present continuous (přítomný čas průběhový)

Where is our country situated?
Which large cities in the Czech Republic do you know?
Where and which agricultural plants are mostly grown by us?
Which places would you recommend to visit to a foreign tourist?

Read and translate the article about Brün written by a tourist from England:
Brno / Brünn is the birthplace of my father and I have been there already in Communist times and then again recently. Some people expect a simple industrial town, BUT Brno has also a great castle - Spielberk and a lot of places of interest in the old town: The old town hall is a must for every tourist and it is easy to get there, as you may see the high tower from almost any place in Brno. You may climb up the tower and have a perfect panorama-view and also the interior of the old town hall is worth a visit! A big crocodile is hanging down from the ceiling of the arcade of the old town hall of Brno / Brünn. It was a donation by emperor Mathias Corvinus to the city of Brünn in 1608. The Mahen theatre was built 1881-1882 and was the first theatre to get electric light. The cathedral of St.Peter and Paul my be seen already from a big distance, as it was built on top of Petrov hill. The church dates back to the 12th century and was renovated several times. Today it looks gothic outside and has mainly a baroque interior. My favorite place in Brno was the catacombes of the capucines / Kapuzinergruft The catacombes of the capucines are devided into several rooms of different sizes, and most of them are closed by a glass-wall or an iron-fence, so you may see everything without beeing able to touch anything or take a really close look. Only the coffin of Freiherr von der Trenck is an exception - you may get close to it and look into his mumified face.

Present continuous

Complete the sentences with a suitable verb using either the simple present or the present continuous tense. More than one answer may be correct.
listen, watch, see, look, believe, think, hear
1. ........ you ....... in ghosts?
2. What ...... you ..... about at the moment?
3. Why ...... Tom ...... so sad?
4. Why ..... you ..... at me like that?
5. What ...... the police ..... for in that old building?
6. What ..... are the children ........ on TV at the moment?
7. What ....... Paul ......... to on the radio?

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