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17. The British literature and W. Shakespeare

17. The British literature and W. Shakespeare


What is the oldest written work in English literature?
William Shakespeare
Do you know any contemporary English writers?
Have you seen any movies based on books written by English authors?

Read and translate the text bellow:
The Globe Theatre
Going to the theatre has been a popular pastime for centuries. One of the most famous theatres in history was the Globe Theatre in London, opened during the reign of Elizabeth I.
Wealthy people sat in the "two -penny" galleries. These were not really the best place to be because in those days people wore hats, often with huge feathers, which blocked the view of those sitting behind them.
Members of the royal court sat in the best 12 pence seats showing off their expensive clothes and smoking tobacco.
Before entering the theatre, people used to pay to get in by putting money into a box, which was held by one of the theatre staff.
As the actors were coming onto the stage, a trumpet sounded. A flag was raised in the tower to show that the performance was starting and it remained in position until the performance ended.

Find all pronouns in the text:
My boyfriend Steve and I never go out on our own .He always brings his best friend with him, when we have a date. He says that he feels guilty if he doesn't invite his friend. But what about me?

Which other pronouns do you know?

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