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21. Southern Moravia

21. Southern Moravia

Have to

Where is Southern Moravia situated?
Which bigger cities can we find there?
Which agriculture plant is grown in Southern Moravia?

Look at the pictures. You can see there a very famous castle, the whole area is even written in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Do you know what is it?

Have to

Complete the sentences with have to, has to, or had to and a suitable verb.
1. I ....... glasses because my eyes aren't very good.
2. Remember! When you drive in England you .... on the left!
3. I don=t like my job. Sometimes I .... till midnight.

Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
1. job/ wear/ have/ in/ uniform/ you/ your/ to/ do/ a ?
2. States/ visa/ get/ to/ to/ go/ you/ do/ have/ a/ the/ to?
3. John/ does/ pills/ take/ often/ his/ how/ have/ to?

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