Hledejte v chronologicky řazené databázi studijních materiálů (starší / novější příspěvky).

7. Travelling, means of transport

7. Travelling, means of transport

Past simple (minulý čas prostý)

Do you like travelling? Do you prefer to go abroad or do you prefer our country?
Specify individual kinds of transport means and choose the one you like to travel with. Do you prefer travel agencies to travelling "on your own"?
What must you never forget when you go abroad?
What countries have you already visited?
Which country would you like to visit?
Can you describe pictures bellow, please?

Past simple
When we use the simple past and when the past continuous?

Read the text and find examples of verbs in past simple and past continuous forms:
Post office robbery
Yesterday afternoon thieves stole 500 pounds from a post office in Preston, Lancashire. Police do not have a good description of the men, because they were wearing masks. But they know that they escaped in a red Ford Cortina. This information came from an 11-year-old boy, Charlie Carrack who was coming home from school at the time.

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