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14. The computers

14. The computers

Word order and structure there is / there are

the main parts of computer
computers in everyday live
using a word processor
computer games

Read and translate the article:
Can you hear or feel pictures? Can you move something without touching it? Dan Jellinek went to Los Angeles and found out that you can do all these things …..and more.
Computers have started to change the lives of some disabled people. They can help them to communicate and to live more independently. The 14th international conference on computers and disabled people showed some exciting examples.
vOICe is a program that changes pictures into sounds. different colours and shapes have different sounds. With practice blind people can listen to the sounds and "see" them by using their ears.
The program MouseCat changes pictures anto vibrations on the screen. Blind people can touch the screen and feel the images. they can also use this program to spaek / theywrite words and the computers says them.

Word order
specify word order of English sentences
when a how is used the structure there is / there are
Find this structure in the text:

Things to do in Edinburgh
What old buildings are there?
Edinburgh castle and Holyroodhouse Palace are very famous. The palace is closed when the queen comes to Edinburgh.

Is there a good gallery in Edinburgh?
Yes, there is. The National Gallery of Scotland has got paintings by El Greco, Botticelli, Cezanne. There is also the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Is there a science museum?
No, there isn't. But there is an interesting "Science zone" in the Royal Museum.

How many football teams are there?
There are two football teams, Heart and Hibs, but there aren't any world-famous teams. The two famous teams, Celtic and Rangers, are from Glasgow.

What is the nightlife like?
Fantastic! Visit Rocking Horse or Liquid Room for brilliant music and dancing. And there is the famous "Edinburgh Festival", the cultural event of the year. In August, Edinburgh is one big party with great music, theatre and films!

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