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6. Sports

6. Sports

First conditional (první kondicionál)

Do you like sports, why is sport so important for human being?
Do you practice individual sports or do you prefer collective sports?
What kind of sport do you like the best and why?
What are the most popular sports in your country?
Look at the picture and read the text:

Have you ever tried any high-adrenalin sports?

What do you think about them?

First conditional

Second conditional

Put the verbs in the correct form:
If I [be] rich, I [travel] round the world. First I [go] to Canada, then I [go] to New York.
If he [work] harder, he [have] more money.
I [go] to work, if I [feel] better, but I feel terrible.
If I [ca] speak perfect English, I [not be] in this classroom.
What ...... you ........ [if] a stranger [give] you 1 million pounds?

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