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24. Canada

24. Canada

Countable and uncountable nouns, expressions of quantity

Where is Canada situated?
What is the climate in Canada like?
What is the ethnic structure of the Canadian population?
Who is the formal head oh Canada?
Read and translate the text bellow.

When To Go to Canada
Spring, summer and autumn are all ideal for touring, though if you want to ski you'll naturally have to come in winter or early spring. For campers and those who want to visit the far north, the summer months of July and August are best. Summer is also when many of the country's festivals take place. Note that the peak tourist season is between Victoria Day (late May) and Labour Day (early September). Although spring and autumn have fewer crowds, lower prices and a more relaxed pace than the summer months, some visitor-oriented facilities and attractions may be closed during these shoulder seasons.

Countable and uncountable nouns, expressions of quantity
Can you explain what does it mean "countable and uncountable nouns"?
Can you give us some examples, please?

a few or a little?

Does your tooth hurt?
Were there many people at the party?
Is there any food left?
Do you have any books on French literature?

make questions with how much or how many
We've got some eggs.
We need some flour.
She has a lot of children
Can you buy some butter?
Some people are coming for a meal on Sunday.

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