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12. Shopping and clothes

12. Shopping and clothes

Past continuous (minulý čas průběhový)

Do you like shopping?
Which shops do you visit most often?
Describe the various departments of a supermarket.
Do you prefer shopping in brand-name supermarkets or at stands?
Are you interested in fashion?

Read the text and try to translate it to Czech:
Secrets of style
When people meet for the first time, they search for all sorts of clue to make judgments about you, but the most important of these are given by your clothes. So if you want to appear more exciting and to create a good impression, it helps to know about the secrets of style.
Avoid wearing clothes with two different designs - for example, striped trousers and a check shirt.
Choose clothes in a colour that suits your hair and skin type. As general rule, people with blonde hair and fair skin look best in pale colours such as light blue, pale green or pink. If you have light brown hair, light eyes and fair skin, you should choose medium shades such as mid-grey, blue, green or raspberry red. People with dark hair and olive or dark skin can wear the brightest colours such as orange, yellow or lime green.
Accessories such as watches, necklaces and earrings can help to give a finish touch.

Past continuous
When we use the simple past and when the past continuous?

Read the text and find examples of verbs in past simple and past continuous forms:
The other day I was standing in a queue to buy some theatre ticket when a small group of musicians suddenly appeared on the pavement. They were wearing brightly coloured clothes and were playing jazz. After a while, one member of the group begun to walk up and down the queue. I noticed that he was collecting money in a hat. It was a cold, windy day and, just as he reached my part of the queue, a sudden gust of wind blew the hat out of the musician's hand. The money fell out all over the pavement. Can you guess what happened next?

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